Marijke is a striking and elegantly poised woman, and as one might suspect has led an interesting life which includes jet setting about the world to exotic locales.

In the 70’s Marijke worked for a short time at KLM Airlines, where she met and ended up marrying her boss Chris. The pair moved to St Maartens, then went to Bangladesh. Marijke loved that they had a staff of five to cook the meals for them and their many guests, certainly a luxury only afforded one in a place like Bangladesh.

Marijke has lived in Summerland since 1999 and has a strong network of friends with whom she plays bridge and shares other interests.

She loves nothing more than a good book and a Beanery cappuccino …. with heaps of foam on top. If you want to hear a story that reads like a good book, just stop and ask about hers’.

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