No, we don't serve alcohol at the Beanery but many customers stop by after visiting the local wineries. Whether visitor or local, we always love to hear that they are delighted with what we have to offer.

Here are some recent recommendations – thank you, to all of our appreciative customers!

"This was an excellent surprise. We were looking for a great coffee experience and found organic, local coffee beans, brewed well and the plus of very tasty paleo bars to go with the coffee!" – Judy Greenough

"Really a nice place for coffee and goodies in the morning. I had the ham & cheese roll and it will love you to the bone! Helpful, friendly staff but they're not lounging around chatting. I highly recommend The Beanery." – Arne Kesler

"The service here is always friendly and I love that they often have Paleo-friendly baked goods available...." – Natasha Drisdelle

"We love to head to The Beanery Cafe for our daily coffee fix. The home made treats (love the oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies and nut bars) are hard to resist, cappuccinos made to perfection with just the right amount of froth... They work hard at keeping this very busy place clean and neat. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable and feels like home! We will be back again and again." – Ming Louie Stein – Apples and Quails B+B